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Yoga & Snowshoeing - in the magical "Val Mustair"
The meanwhile classic March weekend in Engadin.

  • when: 27 Feb -02 Mar 2015
  • where: Val Mustair - GR - Switzerland
  • what: Yoga indoor, Snowshoehikings in the Mustair-Buffalora area.
  • leading: Egon Castlunger & Nadja Hediger
  • Download flyer here (german)
  • for more Details please contact us!

Yoga Holidays St.Antönien - Graubünden
Yoga, Stillnes, Hiking, Music, Breath and Be

Yoga & Skiing and italian flair in the Dolomites 2015

  • when: 21 Mar -28 Mar 2015
  • where: La Villa, Alta Badia, Dolomiti - Italy
  • Venue: La Bercia - Apartments, Spa & Restaurant
  • what: a late season Ski and Yoga Holiday. This will be a week in my home town and family resort, where I am each time pleased to introduce to friends and students the place where i grew up. The place which meanwhile has developed into a beautiful cozy resort, with a brand new "spa-area" in which we will practice our morning yoga sessions. During the day we will explore the best Ski resorts in the Dolomites. Usually the end of March is the best time to be there, due to the low season period, with less people on the pists.
  • leading: Egon Castlunger
  • Price: 790.- €, with halfboard-stay. spa, yoga, ski-guiding, (not included: transports, skipass, drinks)
  • View flyer here -->
  • for more Details please contact us!

Yoga Holidays FTAN - Graubünden

La Luna, Il Sole e la Musica - 30 May - 06 June 2015
Residential Yoga Retreat at "La Rosa dei Quattro Venti"

  • Retreat-venue: http://www.larosadei4venti.org/
  • a week of Yin and Yang Yoga practice. Dynamic Hatha Yoga, Pranayama and Kriya with Stephen Thomas. Yin Yoga & Singing and Mantra with Egon Castlunger.
  • Price: starting from 1150 Euro.- more infos and sign-up coming soon!!
  • ->SEE FLYER-->

Yoga Cruise 2015 - Türkei - 27.06 - 04.07 2015http://www.athayoga.ch/portfolio/yoga-cruise-tuerkei/

IBIZA - Summer Yoga Retreat - 01 - 07 August 2015
more Infos coming soon!

Yoga Ferien Apulien - meeting with the Heart- 14.08 - 21.08 2015http://www.athayoga.ch/portfolio/yogaferien-apulien/
Retreat-venue: http://www.larosadei4venti.org/

IBIZA - Late Summer Yoga Retreat - 17 - 24 October 2015
more Infos coming soon!

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The "outside/outdoor" guiding encompasses all manner of activities in free nature, mostly in the form of weekend tours/workshops, week long trips, as well as extended vacations. Most of these events are not just simple guided hikes, rather they are combined with inner work, such as yoga classes, meditation or other therapeutic works.

You will get the chance to discover new "places" on the way, to get into unknown regions. These are not only nice places out there on the Earth, but also the unknown regions of your inner nature and your potential as a human being.

Nature is constantly moving towards perfect balance. Through conscious movement into nature and getting in touch with its’ rhythm, the opportunity arises to understand this process and natural movement, so that we can attain balance in our own lives. The mountains can teach us what it means to be centered and grounded in ourselves. Nature can teach us flow and “conditionless-ness”